Want to know more about our maknae? Don’t worry we will help you learn more about Minzy here 🙂

Full name: Gong Minji
Stage name: Minzy
Born: January 18,1994
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

A video of Minzy dancing was posted online by an anonymous person. Shortly after it was posted, the video became very popular and it caught the attention of CEO Yang Hyun Suk. Later on YG recruited Minzy and she was signed into YG Entertainment.

In the year 2009, Minzy along with Park Bom, Dara, and CL, debuted as a girl group. Their debut song is “FIRE”. In that same year of their debut, their song won them their first award at MNET’S Asian Music Awards as “Best Music Video”.

Their group, 2NE1, have become very popular since then and they continue to grow. Recently they have released their CRUSH album which you can purchase at the Official YG Store.

Minzy is the youngest member in 2NE1. She is very outgoing and very caring towards her members. She loves to make them smile and have a fun time. Minzy also loves to interact with her fans on SNS/social media.

Her older sister Minyoung has recently debuted in the year 2015 with her album “REBIRTH”. Minyoung is a gospel singer in Korea. Both Minzy and Minyoung receive much support from each other and their happy fsmily.

Minzy has grown up so fast. I remember watching her with her black hair and her cute baby face ^~^ now she’s a grown woman. However, we can all agree that Minzy will always be our Dancing Machine haha.

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