MAMA 2015

On December 2, 2015 CL performed Hello Bitches on the MAMA stage. She did a marvelous job hyping up the crowd and getting everyone excited. CL touched our hearts by her performance, she reminded us what it felt like to be at a 2NE1 concert.

However, on a surprising turn on events, we heard mini audio clips of each member and slowly each member started to rise on stage. It was so unexpected for them to perform. The crowd was especially happy when Park Bom showed up. Yes you read this correctly, PARK BOM IS BACK! Performing on MAMA 2015 to bring back 2NE1, what a clever move YG.

Of course, we can’t forget the wonderful job our Dancing Machine did on stage. As CL screamed “Minzy” and then smiled, Minzy showed off her amazing dance moves. I guess our little Dancing Machine missed the feeling of being on stage.

Later on Minzy posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption saying “Mission complete”. Our girls are back once again. Not as three but as four. Will this be the beginning of a beautiful comeback? We hope the girls had a fun night, and hopefully they are resting after performing.


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