This year has been an exciting year for the For Minzy Team! This is the year that started everything for the ForMinzy Team.

We began a fan page on Twitter early this year, little did we know that our account would reach 920 followers by the end of the year.

In addition, our ForMinzy Instagram page was also born. It started out small and it currently has 527 followers! It may not seem like a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram, however, we are truly grateful for every single Minja who has followed us.

Along the way we have gotten noticed by many famous people and we even got our queen, Minzy, to follow us.


Here are are some proud moments of 2015:







Minzy’s father has liked, commented, replied various times and he was the first Famous person to notice us.



Sarang is one of Minzy’s friends and she is also a part of Hispop. She liked various of our posts, commented and even replied to us. This reply was a few weeks before MAMA 2015.image


Bambi is Minzy’s Japanese cosplayer, she has liked and commented on various posts on Instagram, she has also favorited and retweeted a few of our tweets. DramaFever’s instagram account has liked and commented on our Instagram posts. Minzy’s mother has liked some of our posts as well.


Minzy has liked 3 of our IG posts


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Minzy followed us on July 3rd, she favorited 2 of our tweets and she replied twice to our dm’s.


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Hanna Lee who is a famous electric violinist commented and liked our post. Minzy’s older sister followed us on Twitter and IG and has replied to mostly all of our dm’s. Khloe Shinn who is Minzy’s bestie like a few posts on IG and favorited a tweet. Kristine who is one of Minzy’s friends has replied and favorited our tweets on Twitter.


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3/4 of the Millenium Boys have liked, commented and/or replied to us on Instagram. Edward who is a famous YouTuber, has replied to us on IG as well and Madison Pettis who is an actress followed us on Twitter.


We may have forgotten to mention a few, however we are grateful to come across these amazing people! We will definitely have more updates for 2016 (: